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April 27, 2000


Greenpeace "Peer-Reviewed Study"


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From: Wayne Parrott
Subject: Re: Greenpeace "Peer-Reviewed Study"

>At 01:15 PM 4/20/00 -0500, you wrote:
>You are doubtless now aware that the Amsterdam-based
>international activist group Greenpeace, as part of its
>approximately $3.3 million campaign to prevent the use of
>biotechnology in food production, hired scientists to do an
>assessment of the US EPA's assessments of transgenic maize.
>The study was said to be conducted by Swiss scientists
>Angelika Hilbeck, Matthias Meier, and Andrea Raps. Does
>anyone know anything about the credentials or affiliations
>of these scientists?

Angelika Hilbeck has published on entomological topics (started
publishing in 1995; career total = 8 papers that I could find). Most
of her work has centered on toxicity of Bt to non-target insects,
namely the lacewing. Apparently, lacewing larvae feed on European
cornborers. If European cornborers are fed Bt, and then lacewings
feed on intoxicated worms, the lacewings cannot get the necessary
nutrients they need, and hence their growth and development is
affected. She is with Hilbeck A, Swiss Fed Res Stn, Reckenholzstr
191, CH-8046 Zurich, Switzerland.

Andreas Raps has but one published paper to his credit that I could
find. It is in the journal Oecologia from 1998, and the title is
"Indirect effects of an unspecialized endophytic fungus on
specialized plant - herbivorous insect interactions". At that time,
his affiliation was Univ Hannover, Inst Plant Pathol & Plant Protect,
D-30419 Hannover, Germany.

Matthias Meier is difficult to evaluate without knowing his middle
initial, as it is a rather common surname, even in Switzerland.

There is an MS Meir who published a 1998 paper (and nothing else I
could find) on "Selected phenolic compounds in cultivated plants:
Ecologic functions, health implications, and modulation by
pesticides" in Environmental Health Perspectives. His affiliation is
given as Inst Vet Pharmacol & Toxicol, Swiss Fed Off Publ Hlth, Sect
Toxicol, CH-8057 Zurich, Switzerland.

Another M Meir is at Swiss Fed Res Stn Agroecol & Agr, FAL, Inst
Environm Protect & Agr Liebefeld, IUL, CH-3003 Bern, Switzerland. He
published one paper on "Effect of elevated CO2 on orchard grass and
red clover grown in mixture at two levels of nitrogen or water
supply" in Env. Exp. Bot. in 1997.

There is also an M Meir who has published only two abstracts that I
could find in a relevant topic. They are on analyzing and
quantifying genetic diversity, both in a journal called Molecular
Psychiatry, both in 1999. His affiliation is Univ Zurich, Hosp
Psychiat, Res Dept, CH-8029 Zurich, Switzerland. His has other
papers, but they are purely on child psychiatry.

Take your pick. None of these Meirs jumps out as an expert to peer
review the EPA trasgenic maize policy.