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May 12, 2000


Atomic GM; Vandana Shiva Lecture


"Atomic GM"... Why has the World not produced some strange new
undesirable varieties or species of plants and insect pests from those
mutated quite haphazardly by radiation from Hiroshima, Chernobil and
other smaller accidental radioactive escapes? Is this not much more
likely to have occurred than escapes and cross fertilisation from the
highly controlled GMO's now being produced , and does it not put in
perspective the frenzied bigotry with which science is now having to
respond to.

I was also wanting to respond to Vandana Shiva's pernicious lecture
along the same lines as Martin Livermore, but he has expressed every
thought I had and so much better than I could. But what enormous damage
she has been allowed to do to the cause of good science in the name of
entertainment. Can anybody tell me her credentials for being able
to speak with such authority on a subject of which she obviously has no

[Geoffrey Wollaston]