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May 12, 2000


Report and Question


- http://www.agbioworld.org, http://agbioview.listbot.com

Dear AgBioView --

We have just posted an analysis of the corn and soybean varieties
offered this year in the America Midwest. The report is entitled --

"Prevalence of Genetically Modified Traits in the Corn and Soybean
Varieties Offered to Midwestern Farmers in Crop Year 2000," by Charles M.
Benbrook, Ag BioTech InfoNet Technical Paper Num. 3, May 2000.

It is accessible at --

For those keeping score, the work was funded via a grant from the
Wallace Genetics Foundation. The findings confirm the continued focus of
the U.S. seed industry on the development and introduction of transgenic
varieties. The number of GMO versus non-GMO varieties offered for sale are
assessed by state and maturity group.

Some intriguing differences across companies are noted in the new
varietal offerings, and percent of total varieties that are GMO across
companies. Specifically, the share of DeKalb corn varieties that are
transgenic for herbicide tolerance and/or Bt-expressing is about half of
Pioneer and other major seed companies. Plus, they introduced, as far as
we could tell, only a few new GMO corn hybrids for crop year 2000, whereas
other companies, particularly Pioneer, continued to focus heavily on new
GMO varieties in its "new for crop year 2000" varieties.

Anyone have an idea why?

The data suggest that for corn, close to half of Pioneer's total
offerings are labeled "new for 2000." Is that "normal"?

And, do seed companies typically sell more-about the same-less of
new varieties in contrast to those on the market for more than one year?

Any insights on the above questions would be most appreciated.

Chuck Benbrook

Charles Benbrook CU FQPA site www.ecologic-ipm.com
Benbrook Consulting Services Ag BioTech InfoNet www.biotech-info.net
5085 Upper Pack River Road IPM site www.pmac.net
Sandpoint, Idaho 83864
208-263-5236 (Voice) 208-263-7342 (Fax)