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March 31, 2003


Scientists Develop 'Mickey Mouse' Potato; Food Addiction Gene Ide


Today in AgBioView: March 22, 2003

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Anders v/s David

From Anders Buch Kristensen" to:

Dear David: Indeed, we agree on more than you can know: the Danish
government and I are working for liberalisation of EUs CAP, and for
progress in the WTO negotiations, especially for the developing countries.
Personally, I believe that GM is the way for future improvement of plants
and animals; and with much less risk than the traditional breeding.

By the way, Denmark is one of the few countries in the world spending more
the 1 % of GNP on true development aid, (none of is used for emergency
relief in kind with the main aim of getting rid of a surplus of
agricultural products). However, EU is not keeping GM products of any
importance out, since 1994 we have authorised GM soy, which is the major
GM product that could be imported; Maize cannot be imported anyway due to
import duty and no need. Cotton fibres don't have to be labelled.

Therefore, what is kept out is soy protein and maize starch in consumer
products, but this is due to the retailers, who don't want to sell such
products. This is the problem we intend to solve with the new regulation.
EU has also started the process of reform already in 1992 and with agenda
2000; we have on the table a proposal for the final liberalisation and we
have made an agreement with the 50 LDC on free import of "Anything than

Furthermore the technical barriers for import to EU is not worse than for
Australia (I have worked for 20 years for an opening for fresh pig meat
from Denmark, who have the highest veterinary standard in the world) or
for USA (I have tried for 25 years to make USDA accept import of potted
plants, of which they have accepted the same plants and the growing media

- Kind regards, Anders Buch Kristensen PhD.