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May 11, 2000


Monsanto and Terminator


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Monsanto DIDN'T call that particular technology the "terminator." In fact,
Monsanto didn't call it anything. It's real name -- given to it either by
the US Department of Agriculture or the Delta and Pine Land Company, which
were the developers -- is Technology Protection System.

Terminator was a scary name dreamed up by Hope Shand of RAFI, intended to
scare people into thinking that the thing must be bad. And that strategy
worked beyond their wildest dreams. To this day, even biotech supporters (I
admit, including me at times) still tend to call it terminator because if we
call it by any other name, no one knows what we're talking about. It's also
become part of the common knowledge that terminator technology was developed
by Monsanto, which is also not true.

-Greg Conko

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From: Gordon Couger [mailto:gcouger@rfdata.net]
Sent: Thursday, May 11, 2000 10:52 PM
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I am sure that Monsanto wishes that called the "termantor" gene the
protector gene and sold it on the idea of it protects the envionment
form GMO genes escaping into the wild.