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May 11, 2000


Corporate Targets


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> I couldn't pass Noel Pallais' comments without some small defense of
> the scientists that work for Monsanto, and the fact that I have the
> freedom to write to you should allay some of his suspicions. I would also
> dispute his contention that Monsanto's greed has brought this controversy
> down on us all. We're just an easily identifiable target; to those who are
> determined to shoot at somebody, any target will do.
> I've worked for one corporate entity or another all of my career
> (and me a child of the sixties), but one thing I've found is that
> scientists never run the company. That's what lawyers and accountants are
> for. No matter how pure and science-based the organization's beginnings,
> sooner or later, the people that handle the money gain control of
> corporate direction, and then you begin to look greedy. It is a simple
> matter of economic forces in the world we live in. You have to keep site
> of the bottom line because that's about all your stockholders can see. And
> one thing we can all agree on is that research costs money, lot's of it,
> and the public sector can't and won't provide it.
> As corporations go, Monsanto is better than most to work for.
> They're very safety conscious and emphasize compliance with all regulatory
> agencies at each of their biotechnology sites. There are a lot of very
> good people wearing tar and feathers from Noel's brush, and most of us are
> just trying to make the world a better place.
> Aloha from the desk of Mike Beyersdorf
> Kihei, Hawaii Research Station
> Monsanto - Ag Technology