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May 10, 2000


An Interesting Wrinkle


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Dear Colleagues,

The American Corn Growers Association (ACGA) has long
claimed to represent the economic interests of the American
farmer in ways other groups cannot, because it receives no
funds from seed or chemical companies. Its 14,000 members
are farmers.

The group claims to be in favor of modern agricultural
techniques, and further claims that the use of GMOs is
destroying American export markets, making the cultivation
of GMOs unwise.

ACGA has now affiliated itself with activist and organic
groups, and formed CropChoice (http://www.cropchoice.com) to
disseminate "news that big
companies may not want farmers to hear" about the economic
downside of modified crops.

One of the sponsors of the effort is Greenpeace... and guess
where CropChoice is headquartered? That's right... In the
suite right next door to the Greenpeace office in Seattle,

Quite interesting, I thought.