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May 10, 2000


two requests


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Dear Prakash

could you place these on your excellent network.
1. I notice from one of the documents that came around that the
organic community still quote monarch as one of the problems with
GM. Coulsd someone please please please spray some milkweed with Bt
spores put some Monarch caterpillars photograph the dead and dying
and then publish it That way we will hear no more.

2. The organic community insists it supplies no chemicals to its
crops. There must be at least 100,000 chemcals in manure and someone
must have done some analyses of them; I know there are phenols for
example. Some of these chemicals must be carcinogenic in rodent
tests. That way we can neutralise these claims for supposed
purity and indicate that what organic farmers apply comes out as just
as dangerous if you assume rodent tests are adequate tests for

3. Natural soils, those to which I assume plants adapted, contained
decaying plant remains rather than those of animalswhich I think we
should regard as humanised soils. Are there any studies comparing
soils replete with manure and those with green manure? I assume
there must be differences and we should emphasise them.

please post your answers on teh network

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Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology
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University of Edinburgh
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