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May 11, 2000


Certain coorporate targets...


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Dear Prakash

Noel Pallais has it exactly right. I enclose teh message of support I
sent to him. lets see if we can't get some reply out of companies.
If Monsanto had done what I suggest below they would have sold
more GM soya and had a bigger profit. That is surely good
commercial sense!

------- Forwarded message follows -------
Subject: Re: Certain coorporate targets...

Dear Noel

Join the camp. You are right on target. if Monsanto in the UK had
announced that one third of its profits on GM soya would go towards
developing african crops to feed the millions out there it would have
cut the ground from under the activists feet straightaway and given
the ordinary person a good feeling that each time they buy GM food
they are doing a little bit on their own towards helping others in
need. Its not too late for others to do it. Lets hope someone sees
these messages.

kind regards

------- End of forwarded message -------
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