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May 8, 2000


Chiropracty and Biotech


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Dear Colleagues:

According to a press release dated May 9, 2000, the May
edition of the Journal of the American Chiropractic
Association makes the following disturbing claims which I
have excerpted from the press release:


“According to most estimates, 60 to 70 percent of all
processed foods contain genetically modified ingredients,
including proteins previously absent from human diets,”
write Shirley Watson, DC, director of education for the
American Chiropractic Association’s (ACA) Council on
Nutrition, and Barbara Keeler, a journalist and health and
nutrition expert, in the JACA article. “Some hazards from
the GE process could directly impact patients who ingest the
food. Other hazards are indirect, operating through
pollution of other food species or through unintended
effects on local and global ecosystems.”

Genetically engineered foods were quietly introduced into
the marketplace in 1996. In the past four years, they have
spread rapidly. Three varieties of soy, ten varieties of
corn, papaya, yellow neck squash, canola, potatoes,
tomatoes, dairy and animal products are already on the
tables of most consumers -- with more than a hundred
expected soon.

Among the hazards of genetically engineered foods revealed
in the article:

* Toxin producers: The article quotes FDA documents that
state, “Corn and potatoes engineered to produce toxins that
kill insects are now classified by the Environmental
Protection Agency as pesticides, rather than vegetables.”
These vegetables produce toxins designed to kill harmful
insects, but “non-target” insects and mammals have also been

* Herbicide-resistant genes: Seventy-one percent of last
year’s genetically altered crops carried genes designed to
tolerate a specific herbicide made by the company
engineering the seed. This guarantees that humans who ingest
the foods will be exposed to herbicides “with a litany of
adverse health effects,” the article explains.

* Allergens: “Genetic engineering may transfer new and
unidentified proteins from one food into another, triggering
allergic reactions. Millions of Americans who are sensitive
to allergens will have no way of identifying or protecting
themselves from offending foods,” according to FDA documents
quoted in the JACA article.

* A Host of Unintended Side Effects: Impaired sense of
smell and shortened lifespan in bees consuming pollen from
GE plants; changed hormone levels and altered milk content
in cows eating GE soybeans; sickness in cattle given bovine
growth hormone; and toxicity moving up the food chain,
causing death or impaired health in non-target species
consuming insects that fed on crops with bacillicus
thuringiensis (Bt) toxins.


Colleagues, I can scarecely overemphasize what might ensue
if health care providers, such as chiropractors, pass on
such gross distortions as fact to their patients, who will
naturally, considering the source, treat such information as
credible and authoritative.

If any scientists in this group are willing to take
proactive steps, I would urge them to demand that the
Journal retract such scurrilous allegations regarding

The American Chiropractic Association maintains a website at
http://www.amerchiro.org. The named contacts for the above
press release are Teri Howell or Felicity Feather, phone
(800) 986-4636.