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April 29, 2000


DNA-Free Food was an April Fool's Joke!


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(three contributions below)

From: Roger Morton
Subject: Re: DNA-Free Food?

Dear Prakash,

That {DNA-Free} page is mine. I made it in my spare time and has nothing to
do with my actual work at CSIRO. And actually I am NOT serious. The page is
copyright April 1 1999. I am not sure if you got the joke and are playing
along or you did not get the joke. But it does not matter - I am quite
happy to have
it portrayed as serious on this mailing list. :-)


>There is this guy in Australia who has started to a company to
>develop 'DNA-Free Food!' No, this is not a joke and he is really
>serious and offers substantial 'scientific' explanation

From: "Karl J. Kramer"
Subject: Re: DNA-Free Food?

This site is an April Fool's Day joke. Look at the date it was "last

saw my first BCI TV ad last night, very late ( 2 AM ) on TV. It was
>slick, on prozac in its mollifying timbre, and expensively produced.