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March 9, 2000


Each side has its myths" (AgBioView)


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I feel compelled to react on what Drew Klein says about science, technology
and safety because much of the current disagreement about GMOs comes from
this mis-perception.

Drew Klein states that science can unequivocally say that a technology is
safe. To me that is as far beyond reality as the myth that nature is good.
Technology in itself is neither good nor bad, neither safe nor unsafe. The
same for nature, it's neither good nor bad, neither safe nor unsafe.
What matters for safety is the way a technology is applied and what the
outcome of that apllication is. Same for nature, it all depends on how you
expose yourself to nature. There lot's of good things out there but, equally
well, nature can be very cruel and unsafe.

It is beyond any doubt that sweeping statements like the one by Drew Klein
on the side of those that see advantages and opportunities in GM technology
and the equally sweeping statements on the side of those who oppose GM,
style "Nature is Good", have not contributed to a better understanding, to
say the least.

If we want to move forward, both sides will have to leave their trenches and
add a bit of realism to their currently rather idealistic view on life.

Dick Toet
Biotechnology Coordination