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April 30, 2000


Reasons for eating organic food


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Dear Prakash

The following below is a message that might be used to advantage
in teh GM debate. Simple and to the point.

------- Forwarded message follows -------
From: "V Shorrocks"
To: "Tony Trewavas"
Subject: Reasons for eating organic food
Date sent: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 20:22:03 +0100

What are your reasons for eating organic food ?
List the following 9 reasons in order of importance in order to understand why you eat organic food.

I eat organic food because:

I believe it tastes better than traditional food even though no blind tests have proved this.

Ithink it is good for my health despite the fact that the
organic movement failed to establish this in their 30 year Haughley

I wish to increase my chances of suffering a potentially fatal illness by infection with E. coli 157 and of contracting cancer by mycotoxins.

I believe it is unacceptable to use fertilisers to increase yields as I am blissfully unaware of the need to double fertiliser nitrogen use over the next 25 years if the projected billion is to be fed.

I think it is important to reduce my daily consumption of 0.1mg of man-made, tested and approved pesticides and to forget the 1500mg of natural, untested pesticides I eat daily.

I believe that organic farming is the only way to achieve long term sustainability in food production provided the world population can be reduced dramatically to under 2 billion.

I wish to increase my daily intake of sugar and saturated fat.

I like to think that organic farmers are kinder to their livestock and the environment than traditional farmers.

I like to waste my money on expensive foods because it makes me
feel I am better and superior to those who cannot afford them.

I believe without hesitation everything the organic movement tells

Micronutrient Bureau, Tring, Herts.

Best wishes
Vic Shorrocks

------- End of forwarded message -------
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