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April 29, 2000


High School Students Ask Tough Questions


<br /> High School Students Ask Tough Questions<br />

- http://www.agbioworld.org, http://agbioview.listbot.com

Dave Sapp <dsapp@edzone.net>

Subject: Questions regarding Genetics

Hello, my name is Teren Sapp. I am
a freshman at Mt. Pleasant High School in Michigan. I am currently
doing a research project for my Honors English class. My research
project is titled 'Genetically Altering the World Around Us.' The
paper deals with the history of genetics, the process of genetics and
the problems that have occurred with genetics. The reason I'm talking
to you is that I would like to learn more about genetics and get a
more personal aspect of genetics. Therefore, I have thought of some
questions that I hope you can take the time to answer

1. How come the environmental
terrorists do not get taken to court?

2. Why do you believe that the
opposition comes from lack of knowledge?

3. How do you fight back against terrorists?

4. How do you believe your research should be funded? For example,
tax payers, private organizations etc.

5. What motivates you to do your research? For example, solve the
hunger issue, interest in the topic etc.

6. What keeps you motivated after appreciate it greatly something
like the torching of Agriculture Hall at Michigan State University

Thank you for taking the time to
answer my questions.

   Teren Sapp


> /> topic, i was wondering if you guys would be able to answer a few

and share your opinions with me.  these email interviews are
crucial to my

essay so please, share your knowledge on this topic with the
public.  if you

respond, please include your first and last name, thank you all so
much for

cooperating.  not many questions, it'll just take a few minutes
of your

time...  how do you feel about genetically modified foods? 
cloning animals? 

xenotransplantation?  what are the dangers and benefits of
each?  do you

think mankind has gone too far with genetic engineering?  thank
you again for

taking the time to read this..  and if you have the time, please

thank you..