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April 5, 2000


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At 06:23 PM 3/4/00 -0400, Zeami2000@aol.com wrote:
> We do have air pollution from our industrial
>we did/do have radiation leaks in 4 countries;
>we do have oil
>thalydimide did happen;
>DDT proved a problem,
>BSE happened; there are
>usually 2 main meat contamination scares/year.
>Cancer is rampant.

>was earned.
>Will bio-tech scientists earn trust again?

Why are scientists to blame for diseases like BSE and cancer? Diseases are
caused by nature not scientists.
Why is polution (radiation, oil, industrial) blamed on scientists?
Pollution is not caused by scientists. Pollution is caused by greed and
DDT caused problems. It also saved millions of lives by helping to control
malaria. If is was not for scientists revealing the dangers of DDT then we
would still be using it and it would still be causing problems. Scientists
are the solution to problems caused by people other than scientists.

Why is the fact that we now only have two meat contamination scares per
year a "problem" caused by scientists? Turn back the clock to before the
science of food hygine was invented and compare the rate of deaths due to
meat contamination then to now. Scientists in the food technology industry
have probably reduced death 1000 fold or more but you are blaming them for
not being able to be reduce the problem to zero. You set pretty high

Thalydimide is one drug that slipped through the testing proceedures. One
drug out of thousands that help people every day and are safe. One mistake
out of thousands of successes and you don't trust us. One could be mistaken
for thinking that you could be a total bastard.
Dr Roger Morton 02 6246 5069 (ph)
CSIRO Plant Industry 02 6246 5000 (fax)
GPO Box 1600 roger.morton@pi.csiro.au