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ID Name Position Organization Department Degree Disciplince
1 Kim AalbersResearch AssociatePioneer Hi-BredAg traits/TUSC Bachelor's degree None Indicated
2 Noelle AardemaResearch biologistPharmaciaMicrobial and Molecular Biology Bachelor's degree Biochemisty
3 Jorge AbadResearch Associate PhDNorth Carolina State UniversityPlant Pathology Ph.D. Molecular Plant Pathology
4 Sarah AbadieProduction TechnicianMonsanto LulingEnvironmental Operations Other None Indicated
5 David AbbottDr.CSIRO (Australia)Plant Pathology Ph.D. Molecular Biology
6 David W. AbbottSenior Vice PresidentGrain Processing CorporationResearch & Development Ph.D. Chemistry
7 Elazhariomer AbdallaResearch techNone Indicatedbiomedical sc. Bachelor's degree None Indicated
8 Shunnosuke AbeAssociate ProfessorEhime Universtiy, Faculty of AgricultureBioresources Ph.D. Molecular Cell Biology
9 Jason AblePhD ScholarThe University of QueenslandSchool of Land and Food Sciences Bachelor's degree Plant Molecular Genetics
10 Amanda AblePlant PhysiologistDepartment of Primary IndustriesQHI Ph.D. Post-Harvest and Plant Pathology
11 Effie AblettDr/Scientific , The Grape Genome ProjectSouthern Cross UniversityCentre for Plant Conservation Genetics Ph.D. Molecular Biology
12 Nazmi AcikgözProf. Dr.Ege UniversitySeed Technology Center None Indicated Plant breeder
13 Jason AdairDevelopment ChemistSyngentaHuman Safety Bachelor's degree None Indicated
14 Kamal AdamResearch Associate IIIowa State University, Seed Science CenterSeed Science Center Ph.D. Seed Coditioning Research
15 Ed AdamsIssues ManagerDuPont Agricultural EnterpriseNone Indicated Ph.D. Chemistry
16 Craig AdamsTechnology Specialist-ManufacturingMonsanto CompanyDairy Bachelor's degree Pre-Medicine
17 Tom AdamsSite LeaderMonsantoMystic Research Ph.D. Genetics
18 Keith AdamsonFarming DirectorNone IndicatedNone Indicated Other GM
19 Sreenivas AdurthiStudentC.U.CampusBiotechnology Master's degree Biotechnology
20 Spiros N. AgathosProfessor & HeadUniversite Catholique de LouvainBioengineering Ph.D. Biochemical Engineering
21 Niels AgerbirkResearch assistant professorRoyal Veterinary and Agricultural University, DenmarkChemistry Department Ph.D. Biochemistry
22 Karthik AghoramResearch AssociateNorth Carolina State UniversityCrop Science Ph.D. Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology
23 MD. Abdul AhadResearch FellowRajshahi University, BangladeshInstitute of Biological Sciences Ph.D. Cell and Molecular Biology
24 Byung Joon AhnProfessorDankook UniversityOrnamental Horticulture Ph.D. Ornamental Horticulture, Biotechnology
25 Sang-Nag AhnProfessorChungnam National UniversityDept. of Agronomy, College of Agriculture Ph.D. None Indicated
26 Joong-Hoon AhnAssistant ProfessorKonkuk UniversityDepartment of Forest Resources Ph.D. None Indicated
27 Jeffrey AhrensResearch ScientistMonsantoYield Enhancement Master's Degree Molecular Biology
28 Vahid L. AidunManagerNovartis Seeds, IncLicensing & Technology Transfer Ph.D. Crop Breeding
29 Jerald AinsworthDirector of ResearchCollege of Veterinary Medicine, Mississippi State UniversityNone Indicated Ph.D. Immunology
30 Vani AkellaSenior ScientistIndian Institute of Horticultural ResearchDivision of Biotechnology Ph.D. Plant Transformatiom
31 Marjon AkerboomNone IndicatedNone IndicatedNone Indicated Master's degree Plant genetic engineering/regulatory
32 C. AkulaPost-DoctoralWisconsin UniversityAgronomy Ph.D. Genetic Engineering of Plants
33 Lee D. Albee IIMolecular Biology AnalystMonsantoAg Regulatory Master's Degree Molecular Biology
34 Peter AlbersheimResearch Professor and DirectorUniversity of GeorgiaComplex Carbohydrate Research Center Ph.D. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
35 Henrik H. AlbertPlant PhysiologistNone IndicatedNone Indicated Ph.D. Plant Molecular Biology
36 Saverio Albertihead, Experimental OncologyIstituto Mario Negri SudCell Biology and Oncology M.D. molecular oncology
37 Joseph R. AlbertsStudentUniversity of MichiganNone Indicated Bachelor's Degree Molecular Biology
38 Marc AlbertsenResearch Fellow and CoordinatorPioneer Hi-Bred Int., IncAgronomic Traits Ph.D. Plant Reproductive Biology
39 Bruno AlbrechtResearch CoordinatorPioneer Hi-Bred InternationalResearch and Development Ph.D. Crop Improvement
40 Esteban AlcaldeResponsible R & DNovartis SeedsField Crops None Indicated Experimentación Variedades
41 Carolina AlduvinTitular Professor IINational Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH)Biology Master's degree Genetics
42 Herb S. AldwinckleProfessorCornell UniversityPlant Pathology Ph.D. Botany
43 Danny AlexanderSenior Staff ScientistNovartis BiotecnologyNone Indicated Ph.D. Molecular Genetics
44 Bruce AllemanMolecular ScientistMonsantoMolecular Breeding Bachelor's Degree Biology
45 Randy D. AllenProfessorTexas Tech UniversityBiological Sciences / Plant & Soil Sciences Ph.D. Molecular Biology
46 Caitilyn AllenAssociate ProfessorUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonPlant Pathology Ph.D. Plant Pathology
47 Alex AllerDirectorSouthern Research InstituteCell Biology and Immunology Ph.D. Preclinical Drug Development
48 Angela T AlleyneM.Sc.University of the West IndiesBiological and Chemical Sciences M.Phil None Indicated
49 Victor AlpuertoBiotechnology LeadMonsanto Phils.None Indicated Ph.D. Entomology
50 Daniel J. AltierResearch AssociateNone IndicatedNone Indicated Master's Degree Biochemistry
51 Dan AltierSr. Research AssociatePioneer Hi-Bred Internaltional, Inc.Disease Resistance Master's degree Biochemistry
52 David W. AltmanSecretaryInternational Association of Plant Cell Tissue Culture and BiotechnologyNone Indicated Ph.D. None Indicated
53 Arie AltmanProfessor and ChairThe Hebrew University of JerusalemAgricultural Plant Sciences Ph.D. Plant biotechnology
54 Lnery Pavel Alvarado CarvajalCoordinador y Catedratico en UNITEC, Tegucigalpa, HondurasUniversidad Tecnologica Centroamericana, UnitecEcologia y Medio Ambiente Master's degree Ecologia
55 Rupérsio Alvares CançadoDR.UFPRPostGraduation Program in Food Technology M.D. Food Mycotoxicology
56 José Mª AlvarezResearcherServicio de Investigación Agraria (DGA)Tecnología en Producción Vegetal Ph.D. Plant Breeding
57 Anne AlvarezProfessor, Plant PathologyUniversity of HawaiiCollege of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources Ph.D. Plant Pathology
58 Lucrecia AlvarezPhDCEFOBI - Universidad Nacional de RosarioQuimica Biológica Ph.D. Plant Molecular Biology
59 Ariel Alvarez-MoralesPrincipal ScientistCinvestav, IPN Irapuato, MexicoPlant Genetic Engineering Ph.D. Plant Bacteria Interaction/Biosafety
60 Jose AmadorCenter DirectorTexas A&M UniversityResearch and Extension Center at Weslaco Ph.D. Plant Pathology
61 Bruce AmesProfessorUniv. Calif. BerkeleyNone Indicated Ph.D. None Indicated
62 Charles AnScientistParadigm Genetics,Inc.Plant Research Ph.D. Agricultural Biotechnology
63 Ajith AnandResearch AssociateKansas State UniversityBiochemistry Ph.D. Plant Science
64 Vijay AnandrajResearch scholarUniversity of MadrasCenter for Adavanced studies in Botany Master\'s degree Agricultural Mocrobiology
65 Osama AnasAgriculture Research Specialist/Dr.North Carolina State UniversityPlant Pathology Ph.D. Plant Pathology, Soil Ecology
66 Jerry AndersonAnalytical BiochemistNone IndicatedNone Indicated Bachelor's Degree Agricultural Biotechnology
67 David AndersonNone indicatedUniversity of QueenslandBotany Bachelor's Degree Molecular Biology
68 Michael P. AndersonAssociate ProfessorNone IndicatedPlant and Soil Sciences Ph.D. Plant Biochemistry
69 Paul C. AndersonDirector, Quality Traits ResearchPioneer Hi-Bred InternationalNone Indicated Ph.D. Biochemistry
70 Olin AndersonResearch GeneticistNone IndicatedNone Indicated Ph.D. Genetics, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics
71 Tom AndersonNone IndicatedNone IndicatedNone Indicated Bachelor's degree None Indicated
72 Marc AndersonAssistant ProfessorNorth Dakota State UniversityBotany Ph.D. Plant Physiology
73 Sheila M AndersonPresident and CEOCommercial Property Services, Inc.None Indicated Bachelor's degree Real Estate
74 Steven AndersonResearch ScientistPioneer Hi-Bred Int. Inc.Research and Product Development Master's degree Agronomy
75 David AnderssonStudentLund UniversityBiomedicine Bachelor's degree Bioinformatics
76 Mats AnderssonPhD studentNone IndicatedDept of Botany Master's degree Cell Bilogy
77 Solange AndradeResearcherEMBRAPA-CerradosNone Indicated M.D. Plant Physiology
78 Solange R.M. AndradeDr. Genetics and Plant BreedingEmbrapa CerradosNone Indicated Ph.D. Biotechnology
79 Kenneth AndrewsBiologistNone IndicatedIAGD Bachelor's Degree Entomology
80 Lucia AnelichHead of DepartmentTechnikon PretoriaBiotechnology and Food Technology Master's degree Microbiology
81 Daniel AneshansleyAssociate ProfessorCornell UniversityAgricultural and Biological Engineering Ph.D. Biological Engineering
82 Mingo-Castel, AngelCatedratico (Full Professor)Universidad Publica de NavarraProduccion Agraria (Ag Production) None Indicated Plant biotechnology
83 Fernando AngelMolecular BiologistCenicanaBiotechnology Ph.D. Molecular Biology
84 Geert AngenonProject LeaderVIB/University GhentPlant Genetics Ph.D. Plant molecular genetics
85 Misha AngristIndustry AnalystNone IndicatedLife Sciences Ph.D. None Indicated
86 Manuel Sanchez AnguloProfesor Ayudante de UniversidadUniversidad Miguel HernandezDivision de Microbiologia Ph.D. Microbiologia
87 S.K. AnithaNone IndicatedNone Indicated Ph.D. Plant Biotechnology
88 Heidrun AnkeVice DirectorInstitute for Biotechnology and Drug ResearchNone Indicated Ph.D. Biotechnology
89 Vivienne AnthonyHead of Crop EnhancementZeneca Plant ScienceResearch and Development Ph.D. Plant Biotechnology
90 Wesner AntoineCandidat au doctoratUniversite d'ArkansasCrop, Soil, Enviromental Sciences Master's degree Biotechnologie des plantes
91 Gabriela Antunez-de-MayoloGraduate StudentThe Pennsylvania State UniversityIntegrative Bioscience Bachelor's Degree Plant Biotechnology
92 Josef AppelProject ManagerBASF AG GermanyGlobal Marketing Fungicides Ph.D. Plant Pathology
93 Rupert ApplinNone IndicatedNone IndicatedNone Indicated Bachelor's degree Science ( Geography )
94 Nestor R. ApuyaScientistCeres, Inc.None Indicated Ph.D. Plant Molecular Biology
95 Thomas AquillaNone IndicatedNone IndicatedNone Indicated Ph.D. Molecular Genetics
96 Pere Ar(tm)sResearcherIRTAPlant Genetics Ph.D. Plant Genetics and Breeding
97 Francisco J. L. AragaoDr.Embrapa Rec. Geneticos e BiotecnologiaGene Transfer and Expression Lab. LTG Ph.D. Cell Biology, Plant Pathology
98 Andrea AraújoNone IndicatedUniversidade Federal de PernambucoCiências Geográficas Bachelor's degree Geografia
99 Prakash R. ArelliResearch Associate ProfessorUniversity of MissouriAgronomy Ph.D. Plant Genetics
100 Prakash ArelliResearch Associate ProfessorUniversity of MissouriAgronomy Ph.D. Plant Genetics & Breeding
101 Gerardo AriasBarley Germplasm Project LeaderEMBRAPATRIGO Ph.D. Plant Breeding
102 Oscar AriasFormer President of Costa RicaArias Foundation for Peace and Human ProgressNone Indicated Ph.D. Political Science
103 Toni ArmstrongScientist/Team LeaderMonsantoNone Indicated None Indicated Plant Tissue Culture
104 Tom ArmstrongField BiologistMonsanto CompanyEcological Technology Center Ph.D. Field Biology
105 Paul ArnisonGeneral ManagerFAAR BiotechnologyNone Indicated Ph.D. Agricultural Biotechnology
106 Charles J. ArntzenPresident/CEOBoyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, Inc.None Indicated Ph.D. Plant Molecular Biology
107 Aurora ArriojaSenior EditorCompendium of Veterinary ProductsEditorial Master's degree Animal Health
108 Paulo ArrudaDirector, Centro de Biologia Molecular e Engenharia GenéticaState University of Campinas, CAmpinas, SP, BrazilNone Indicated Ph.D. Molecular Biology
109 Einsele ArthurPh.D. in agronomicsNovartis SeedsNone Indicated Ph.D. Agronomics
110 Moria ArtlipAssociate ScientistNone IndicatedNone Indicated Master's degree Crop Science
111 Rodrigo Artunduaga-SalasBiosafety Research Unit's HeadQuinaxi Institute of Sustainable DevelopmentNone Indicated Ph.D. Plant breeder
112 William E. ArtzAssociate ProfessorUniversity of IllinoisFood Science and Human Nutrition Ph.D. Food Science
113 Aru K. ArumuganathanResearch Associate professorUniversity of Nebraska - LincolnCenter for Biotechnology Ph.D. Molecular and Cellular Biology
114 Laura ArwoodAssistant ProfessorMarist CollegeBiology Ph.D. Genetics
115 Robert AschemanPresidentAscheman Associates,Inc.None Indicated Ph.D. Weed Science
116 Miguel A. AsensioProf. Food HygieneFaculty of Veterinary Sciences, University of ExtremaduraAnimal Prtoduction and Food Science Ph.D. Veterinary Sciences
117 Cynthia L. AshCertified Professional Plant PathologistNone IndicatedNone Indicated Ph.D. Plant Pathology
118 Nick AshbyLeader Germplasm EnhancementNew Zealand Institute of Crop & Food ResearchNone Indicated Ph.D. Plant Protection/Breeding
119 David AshbyJunior Process EngineeringAventis CropscienceProjects Master's degree Chemical Engineering
120 James D. AstwoodDirector, Product Safety CenterMonsantoAg Sector Ph.D. Plant Science
121 Jose Luis Galan AsuncionBiologistIATA-CSICBiotechnology B.A./B.C. Biology
122 Dr. Chenna Reddy AswathScientistIndian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bangalore, IndiaOrnamental Ph.D. Horticulture
123 Gary AtlinAssociate ProfessorNova Scotia Agricultural CollegePlant Science Ph.D. Plant Breeding
124 Michael AucoinSr. Production TechnicianMonsanto Co.Agriculture Other None Indicated
125 Douglas AugustinNone IndicatedNone IndicatedNone Indicated Master's degree Chemistry
126 Alice AugustineScientistMonsanto Research CentreGenomics Ph.D. Bio-science
127 Chungkyoon AuhPostdoctoral ScientistThe Noble FoundationForage Biotechnology Group Ph.D. Plant Molecular Physiology
128 Ingrid AulingerPhD studentETHZ SwitzerlandAgriculture Master's degree Maize transformation
129 Karen AulrichResearch scientistFederal Agricultural Research CentreInstitute of Animal Nutrition Ph.D. Analytical Food Chemistry
130 Jeffrey AultResearch ScientistNone IndicatedMolecular Medicine Ph.D. Genetics
131 David AustinResearch Support ManagerPioneer Hi-Bred International, IncLife Cycle Information Management Ph.D. Plant Breeding and Genetics
132 Bernard AuxenfansNon-executive Director - MESAMESAAgriculture Master's degree Agricultural economics
133 Luis Avalos-FloresSpecialistFira Banco De MexicoTransferencia De Tecnologia Master's degree Pasture Agronomist
134 Alex AveryDirector of Research and EducationCenter for Global Food Issues, Hudson InstituteNone Indicated Bachelor's Degree Biology/Chemistry
135 Dvora AvivHead of Tissue Culture LabThe Weizmann Inst.Plant Sciences Ph.D. None Indicated
136 Michael AxtellGraduate StudentUniversity of CaliforniaPlant and Microbial Biology Bachelor's degree Plant Molecular Biology
137 Bonnie AydenResearch ChemistMonsantoEnvironmental Science Technology Center Bachelor's Degree None Indicated
138 Karina R. AzizbekianSupervisor, Research ScientistInternational finance & industrioal companyDepartment of pest management and bioelaboration of waste Ph.D. Microbiology
139 Bui Ba BongDirectorCuu Long Delta Rice Reasearch InstituteBiotechnology Ph.D. Genetics
140 Bruce BabcockProfessorIowa State UniversityEconomics Ph.D. Agricultural Economics
141 P BabuResearch ExecutiveMonsanto, IndiaResearch and Development Master's Degree Crop Transformation
142 A. BabyakBusiness AnalystNone IndicatedOperations Master's degree International Business Management
143 Inga BachProject scientistDanish Institute of Agricultural SciencesPlant Biology Ph.D. Plant breeding and biotechnology
144 Horst BackhausScientist / ProfessorFed. Res. Agency for Agriculture & ForestryInst. for Plant Virology, Microbiology and Biological Safety None Indicated Microbiology / Genetics
145 Elaine A. BackusAssociate Professor of EntomologyUniversity of Missouri-ColumbiaEntomology Ph.D. Entomology
146 Armin BaderLaboratory ManagerBASF AGMain Laboratory Ph.D. Chemistry
147 Sharon BaderResearch AssistantNone IndicatedPediatrics Master's degree Immunology
148 Prashanth BagaliConsultantSysArris Software Company, Bangalore, IndiaBioinformatics Division Ph.D. Genetics and Plant Breeding
149 Basavaraj BagewadiPh.D StudentICGEB, New DelhiPlant Molecular Biology Master's degree Plant Breeding
150 Suman BaggaScience SpecialistNew Mexico State UniversityAgronomy and Horticulture Ph.D. Plant Biochemistry
151 Joseph BagshawProfessorWorcester Polytechnic InstituteBiology and Biotechnology Ph.D. Molecular Biology
152 Jjeongdong BahkGyeongsang National University/ProfessorGyeongsang National UniversityDepartment of Biochemistry Ph.D. None Indicated
153 J.L. BaileyProfessorUniversité LavalSciences animales, Centre de recherche en biologie de la reproduction Ph.D. Reproductive Physiology
154 Matthew BaileyResearch ManagerPioneer Hi-BredQuality Traits Ph.D. Soybean Genetics
155 Ana BaileyProfessorCINVESTAV-IPNIngenieria Genetica de Plantas Ph.D. Plant Pathology
156 Julia Bailey-SerresAssociate ProfessorUniversity of California, RiversideBotany and Plant Sciences Ph.D. Genetics
157 Simona BaimaRicercatoreINRANNone Indicated Laurea Biologia molecolare vegetale
158 giorgio baionidocenteIstituto Tecnico Industriale - RavennaNone Indicated Laurea Chimica
159 William V. BairdAssoc. ProfessorClemson UniversityHorticulture Ph.D. Plant Genetics, Molecular Biology
160 Jerry L. BakerResearch AgronomistThe Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation., Inc.Agricultural Division None Indicated Agronomy (Plant Breeding and Genetics)
161 Scott BakerPostdoctoral fellowUniversity of ArizonaMolecular and Cellular Biology Ph.D. genetics/molecular and cellular biology
162 Marjolein BakkerMonsanto Europe S.A.Agriculture None Indicated None Indicated
163 Guus BakkerenResearch ScientistAgriculture & Agri-Food CanadaBiotechnology Section, Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre Ph.D. Plant Biotechnology
164 Richard BalanderAssociate ProfessorMichigan State UniversityAnimal Science Dept Ph.D. Physiology
165 Dr. Ian T BaldwinDirectorMax Planck Institute for Chemical EcologyMolecular Ecology Ph.D. Chemical Ecology
166 James G. BaldwinProfessor / Past President (98/99) Society of NematologistsUniversity of CaliforniaDepartment of Nematology Ph.D. Nematology, Developmental/Evolutionary Biology
167 Don A. BaldwinPostdoctoral scientistPioneer Hi-Bred Int'l Inc.Crop Protection Ph.D. Transcription Regulation
168 Ransom L. BaldwinProfessorUniversity of CaliforniaAnimal Science Ph.D. Biochemistry and Nutrition
169 John BalikNone IndicatedNone Indicated None Indicated None Indicated
170 Peter Balint-KurtiSenior ScientistDNA Plant Technology CorpNone Indicated Ph.D. None Indicated
171 Murray BallanceProfessorUniversity of ManitobaPlant Science Ph.D. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
172 Giovanni BallariniFull Professor TitularUniversity of Parma (Italy)Veterinary Medicine Master's degree Veletinary Medicine
173 Barbara BalloManager, Intellectual Property SupportPioneer HiBred InternationalTechnology Transfer and Licensing Ph.D. Plant Molecular Biology
174 Erica BalmerGraduate Research AssistantNCSUFood Science Master's Degree Food Science & Toxicology
175 John BambergerVP Agricultural SalesMidco Enterprises Inc.Sales Bachelor's degree Ag-Econ
176 Mohan BangalorePostdoctoral Research ScientistUniv. of PennsylvaniaMicrobiology Ph.D. Virology
177 Corinne BankerCustomer Care AdvocateMonsanto Dairy BusinessNone Indicated Bachelor's degree None Indicated
178 Jody BanksAssoc. Prof.Purdue UniversityBotany Ph.D. Plant Science
179 K. C. BansalPrincipal ScientistIndian Agricultural Research Institute, New DelhiNational Research Centre on Plant Biotechnology Ph.D. Plant Physiology
180 Jeffrey BarachVice President Special ProjectsNational Food Processors AssociationScientific Affairs Ph.D. Food Science
181 Dr. Vernon C. BarberFood Science AdviserNational Farmers' Union of England and WalesFood & Marketing Ph.D. Biological Sciences
182 Lesley BarberSenior Research ScientistPeter MacCallum Cancer InstituteDHMO Other Medical Laboratory Science
183 Eric BarbourCoordinator, Technology LicensingPioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.Technology Licensing Master's degree Molecular Biology
184 Pilar BarceloSenior ResearcherAGRASYSNone Indicated Ph.D. Genetics and biotechnology
185 Madalena BardouniotiAgriculturist. Ph.D. studentNational Agricultural Research Foundation (NAGREF)Agricultural Biotechnology Bachelor's degree Agricultural Biotechnology
186 Madalena BardouniotiResearcherNational Agricultural Research FoundationNone Indicated Bachelor's degree Agricultural Biotechnology
187 John BareRetiredNone IndicatedNone Indicated Master's degree None Indicated
188 Susan BarefootAssistant DirectorClemson UniversitySCAFR Ph.D. Food microbiology
189 Ricardo BarnesResearch ScientistPioneer Hi-Bred of Puerto RicoResearch & Product Development Master's degree Industria Pecuaria
190 O.W. BarnettPlant Pathologist, Department HeadNorth Carolina State UniversityPlant Pathology Ph.D. Plant Virology
191 Rick BarnettSenior Project EngineerMonsanto CompanyUtilities/Environmental Operations Master's degree Mechanical/Petroleum Engineer
192 Rodolphe BarrangouMaster's studentUSDAfood science Master's Degree Biological Engineering
193 Roberto BarreiroResearch AssociateDuPontTraits & Technology Development Ph.D. Plant Biochemistry
194 Roberto BarreiroSenior Research AssociatePioneer Hi-Bred Intl. (a DuPont business)Analytical Biochemistry Ph.D. Biochemistry
195 Philippa BarrellMsCrop & Food ResearchNone Indicated Master's degree Plant molecular biology
196 Miguel BarretoProduction PlannerMonsantoPackaging/Formulation Master's degree Engineering
197 Gerard F. BarryAG GenomicsMonsantoCrop Genomics Ph.D. None Indicated
198 Gerard BarryFellowMonsantoAG Genomics Ph.D. Plant Mol biol
199 Gerard BarryGolden Rice Network CoordinatorIRRIPartnerships Ph.D. Agricultural Development
200 Kenneth BartonDirector, Ag Biotechnology PipelineMonsanto Life SciencesNone Indicated Ph.D. Plant Physiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology
201 Joanne BartonManager ResearchDuPontTransformation Research Ph.D. Plant Physiologist
202 Dr. John S. BashkinNone IndicatedNone Indicated Ph.D. Genomics
203 Amarjit S. BasraAssociate ProfessorPunjab Agricultural University, INDIABotany PhD Plant Physiology/ Seed Science and Technology
204 Daniele BassiProfessorUniversity of MilanProduzione Vegetale Other Horticulture
205 Ronald O. BatesAssistant ProfessorMichigan State UniversityAnimal Science Ph.D. Animal Genetics
206 Fatima BatistaVirologistEmbrapaPlant Quarantine Lab Ph.D. None Indicated
207 Henri BatokoResearch ScientistUniversity of OxfordPlant Sciences Ph.D. plant biology
208 Prem BatraSenior Assistant BiologistDupontCrop Genetics Master's degree Transformation
209 Mario J. Baudoin W.DirectorGeneral Directorate for BiodiversityNone Indicated Ph.D. Zoology (Ecology)
210 Troy A. BauerProduct Characterization and Commercialization ManagerPioneer Hi-Bred Int., Inc.DEGREE: Ph.D. from Michigan State University Certified Crop Advisor Agronomy, Crop and Soil Sciences
211 David BauerSenior ScientistEDEN Bioscience Corp.None Indicated Ph.D. Plant Pathology
212 Marc L. BauerAssistant ProfessorNorth Dakota State UniversityAnimal and Range Sciences Ph.D. Nutrition
213 Chris BauerResearch scientistPharmaciaBiochemistry annd molecular biology Bachelor's degree Biology
214 Brigitte Josephine Bauer-WestonGlobal Elite Event Coordinator - OSRAventis CropScienceField Seeds Ph.D. Plant Biotechnology
215 Todd A. BaughmanAssistant ProfessorTexas A&M UniversitySoil & Crop Science Ph.D. Weed Science
216 James A. BaumResearch ScientistMonsantoInsect Control, Discovery Ph.D. Genetics and Molecular Biology
217 Dale E. BaumanLiberty Hyde Bailey ProfesorCornell UniversityAnimal Science Ph.D. Nutritional Biochemistry
218 Lance BaumgardGraduate StudentCornell UniversityAnimal Science Master's degree Nutritional Biochemistry
219 Craig BaumruckerProfessor of Animal Nutr./PhysiolPenn State UniversityDairy and Animal Science Ph.D. Mammary Gland Biology
220 Herbert BayerStudy DirectorBASF AktiengesellschaftCrop Protection Division Ph.D. Ecology and Environmental Analytics
221 Robert BayersOperations technicianMonsantoRoundup Bachelor's degree None Indicated
222 Ahmet BayramResearch AssistantDicle UniversityPlant Protection Master's degree Entomology
223 Larry BeachCoordinatorPioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.Quality Traits Ph.D. Plant Molecular Biology
224 Roger N. BeachyPresident/DirectorDonald Danforth Plant Science CenterNone Indicated Ph.D. Plant Pathology, Virology, Molecular Biology
225 Thomas BealsScientistCereon GenomicsExpression Profiling Ph.D. Molecular Biology
226 Barry B. BeanBean & Bean Cotton CompanyNone Indicated Master's Degree Psychology
227 Jerry BeardenMetrologistNone IndicatedNone Indicated Other None Indicated
228 Mark BeaumontResearch ScientistNone IndicatedFlavour Ph.D. Microbiology
229 Nicole BechtoldIngénieurINRABiologie Végétale Autres diplômes Génétique
230 Joseph BeckResearch AssistantNone IndicatedPathology and Laboratory Medicine Bachelor's Degree None Indicated
231 Ross BecnelChemical Engineering CO-OPNone IndicatedNone Indicated Other None Indicated
232 Lewis BecnelNone IndicatedNone IndicatedNone Indicated Bachelor's degree None Indicated
233 Philip W. BecraftAssistant ProfessorIowa State UniversityZoology & Genetics / Agronomy Ph.D. Plant Genetics
234 Gerrit T.S. BeemsterProject leaderUniversity of Gent/Flanders interuniversitary insitute for BiotechnologyPlant Genetics Ph.D. Plant Cell Biology / Plant Physiology
235 Steven V. BeerProfessorCornell UniversityPlant Pathology Ph.D. Molecular Phytobacteriology
236 Jean BeigbederHead of maize breeding EuropeSYNGENTA, FARRESeeds Other Plant breeding
237 Donald C. BeitzDistinguished ProfessorIowa State UniversityAnimal Science and Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology (two Depts.) Ph.D. Nutritional Biochemistry
238 Richard R. BélangerProfessorLaval UniversityPhytologie Ph.D. Phytopathology
239 Alan W. BellProfessor & ChairmanCornell UniversityAnimal Science Ph.D. Animal Nutrition
240 Jon BellPhD CandidateNorth Carolina State UniversityFood Science Master's Degree Seafood Technology
241 Ron BellCorn Research DirectorLimagrain Genetics ResearchResearch Master's degree None Indicated
242 Alan BellTeam LeaderPharmaciaQuality Control Master's degree Biotechnology
243 Greg BellSenior Research AssociatePioneer Hi-Bred International IncResearch and Product Development Other None Indicated
244 François BelzileAssociate ProfessorUniversité LavalPhytologie Ph.D. Plant molecular genetics
245 James BeMillerProfessorPurdue UniversityFood Science Ph.D. Biochemistry
246 Dr. John H. BenedictProfessor and Member Graduate Teaching Faculty (Retired), Postdoctoral Scholar Rockefeller Foundation 1975-1977Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USAEntomology Doctorate in Entomology, 1975, University of California, Davis Biology, Entomology and Ecology
247 Tillmann BenfeyProfessor and Director of Graduate StudiesUniversity of New BrunswickBiology Ph.D. Biology
248 Lindi BenicManager, Market Access AffairsDeciduous Fruit Producers' TrustIndustry Matters, Market Access Affairs M.Sc. Plant Pathology
249 Jeff BennetzenDistinguished ProfessorPurdue UniversityBiological Sciences Ph.D. Molecular Genetics
250 Andrea BenniciFull Professor of BotanyUniversity of Florence - ItalyPlant Biology Department Ph.D. Botany and Genetics